It’s nearly September and that only means one thing… the start of your University, new-found freedom chapter is fast approaching! Whilst you’re excited to move into a new place, you could be slightly unsure of what to bring with you. Your accommodation checklist could be longer than War and Peace but you could have spent the time compiling it, on other things – just pack the essentials for your first trip, then bring all others with you at a later date.

Why not share items with your flat mates? If you’ve booked as part of a group, or even if you’ve booked a room by yourself, get in touch with each other beforehand on Facebook for MSV, MSV South, The Grafton, CC,  Beechwood, Weston Court,  Hotwells House and Garth Heads.  You can then see if you could share any items in your flat, helping you save money and space in your flat! We’ve also cleverly devised an accommodation checklist for you, it’ll help you not to forget the important stuff for your move in – please see the bottom of the blog!


Make it your home away from home by personalising your bedroom. Fun cushions and pictures are great for both adding colour and character, but remember to bring:

  • Bottom sheets
  • Duvet and duvet cover
  • Pillows and their cases (Tip: You can never have too many pillows!)


In case you tire of takeaways and want to show off your culinary skills, you should probably make sure you bring things to cook with. But don’t worry, appliances (such as kettle, toaster and microwave) will already be provided in the flats so check out what other essentials you need to bring:

  • Plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, pans
  • All cutlery and utensils – including tin opener, bottle opener, scissors, etc..
  • Tea towels, oven gloves, etc..
  • Washing up liquid, dishcloth and scrubbing brush (for when the washing up actually DOES get done)


Whether you’re sharing with friends or have an en-suite, make sure you bring your must-haves! You could even bring a shower radio with you to belt out some classics in hope of receiving a record deal!

  • Bath and hand towels (maybe a flannel too)
  • A basket to keep all your shower things in
  • Toilet roll
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Shower must haves – soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc..

Studying Essentials

If you ever feel like late night studying is ideal for you, no worries, we provide a study desk in each bedroom – this’ll help you night owls with your revision.

  • Stationery – Pens/pencils, highlighters, stapler, post it notes and flashcards (If you’re like me and get excited by the nerdier things in life, you know that you can never have too much stationery!)
  • Desk lamp
  • A pad of lined paper and plain A4 paper for printing
  • Folders to keep your work in


For when you fancy pulling a Kim and Aggie on your flat, here’s a few items to bring with you to get it spic and span:

  • Laundry bag (Keep’s your clothes off the floor and makes it easy to take it to the laundry)
  • Clothes rack to dry your clothes in your room
  • Cleaning products for your flat and your clothes

Take a look at our accommodation checklist, you might get a few pointers of what to bring…