Welcome back to site! We hope you enjoyed the festive break whether that was spent with time back at home with friends and family or whatever you chose to do- we hope you got to relax away from University life.

We know January can be a stressful time of year, you have exams coming up, it’s cold outside, student loans haven’t dropped yet and when they do, the majority of your loan goes on paying rent or towards University expenses.

It can all become a bit overwhelming being back on site and as stated officially on the 27th of the month (noted as the most depressing day of the year). The January blues can start to set in.

We wanted to remind you all that if you need to talk about anything, whether it’s anxiety about University-if you’re worried about getting those marks or assignments in on time? Or if you just aren’t feeling yourself and need a space to rant about personal or financial issues, our online partner Big White Wall are here to help.

Big White Wall is a leading digital mental health service for people aged over 16. Offering 24/7 safe online support. People visit Big White Wall for help with a wide range of mental health and wellbeing issues – from anxiety, depression, stress and trauma, to relationship problems and lifestyle challenges.

Their mission is to prevent the stigma around mental health and offer a safe environment for people to express themselves without judgement. Their team are fully qualified clinicians who monitor the online community 24/7.

In December we became the first private Student Accommodation provider to team up with Big White Wall to offer dwell students free anonymous advice, support and guidance on this platform. This is an online space were you can openly talk about how you are feeling without the fear of being judged.

With the option of online forums, you can speak to others about what you’re experiencing. There’s also a creative wall were you can post, draw and describe in one word how you are feeling with the added opportunity to complete online courses through the platform in your own time.

With over 2500 students living in our UK based properties we look through our residential life team and partnering with teams such as Big White Wall to provide an additional hand for you to reach out to if you are struggling.

It is our role as a student accommodation provider to make sure you are aware of who you can speak to, whether that’s someone at your University, someone on site or by using Big White Wall. There is always someone to help.

Interested in finding out more about this free service? Click here to see how you can get registered for free now.