As we come to the end of January so does Veganuary 2021, the month-long call to go Vegan for 31 full days. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to abandon the many tasty dishes you have found over the last month as you can still find ways to include delicious Vegan meals into your every day.

Alternatively, if you did not take part in Veganuary this year here’s your chance to try some of our favourite recipes and see if it is for you long term, whether it be for dietary, preference, ethical or environmental reasons.

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1. Roasted Poblano & Jackfruit Tacos with Adobo Cream Sauce

From Hot for Food

(Image Credit: Lauren Toyota)
Starting off with this Mexican and Asian fusion, jackfruit proves an excellent meat replacement in these rich and savoury tacos.
While the ingredients list might look a bit intimidating to start with, we promise the finished dish is well worth the effort getting them together!

2. Frankies! (aka Bombay Burritos)

From Feasting at Home

(Image Credit: Feasting at Home)

Sweet, spicy, savoury and tangy this wrap ticks it all. With flavours with this much range you are sure to love this healthy twist on a classic Indian street food.

Feel free to experiment with the fillings and swap the chickpeas with other beans or vegetables.

3. Spiced Fresh Tomato Soup with Sweet and Herby Pitas

From The Good Housekeeping

(Image Credit: Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly)

Simple and hearty, this is perfect for a winter day. You can easily adapt the soup with different ingredients to make it more or less filling to your liking.

4. TikTok Tortilla Hack Veganised

From Plant You

(Image Credit: Plant You)

You all must have seen the viral TikTok wrap hack by now. Now you can give this trend a try in Vegan style with this delicious alternative.

5. Tahini Almond Cookies

From Love & Lemons

(Image Credit: Love & Lemons)

Saving the best for last, it’s dessert. These completely unique cookies are not too sweet, spiced and good for you!

For more inspiration on cooking Vegan versions of your favourite dishes or grab something quick on your next shop, check out Bosh!

To Donate and Get Involved in the Veganuary initiative through other creative ways visit the website here.