For those of you who are thinking of applying for University or college, check out a previous blog post of ours here! Please check the UCAS website for up to date/current information.

If you’ve already applied through UCAS, they’ll send your choices to the respective University or college. Once you receive an offer or if something changes on your application, you will be notified about this by email but make sure you confirm it on your UCAS account too. This is called UCAS track.

Before accepting any offers:

You should try go to each of your University/course choices’ open days. Here’s what you may get up to:

  • Have a look around the local area, see what student accommodation is available, etc…
  • Talk to course tutors and current students. Maybe make a list of questions before you go
  • Go to “life fairs” if they are being held. You’ll get information about other important parts of University life, from student finance to student nightlife
  • Bag yourself some freebies
There are 3 options when replying to your offers:

You have to make a firm acceptance, an insurance choice and the rest will be declined. For all important dates about when to make your decisions by, please visit this UCAS page.


The all important thing to remember is that before you make any decisions, you need to be 100% sure about the courses or Universities you have applied to. Once you make any decisions on your UCAS account, they can’t be taken back.