Written by MSV resident and Press Pack member, Joey Crutchley.
Joey’s Instagram: ohhsnapitsjoey


Dark nights are upon us, and the scent of mulled wine, spices and festive baking is lingering around. Alas, the Christmas period is drawing upon us. If you listen very closely you can hear Mariah Carey slowly awakening from a year of sleep ready to take the festive period by storm! (Like she always does!)

Whether you’re a socialite or a stop in and get cosy type of person, here are five things to do this festive period.

Christmas shopping

Now for me, one of the best things about Christmas is getting presents for people. I like to be quite sentimental and original with my gifts so I tend to stray away from major retailers and instead opt for a more independent vibe.

If you’re more a high street type of shopper, then head to the city. Get a coffee to go, wrap yourself up in a scarf and get cracking!



Visit Christmas markets

Now the Christmas markets are one of the most popular things to do this time of year. Scattered all across the country, you’re bound to find a Christmas market near you. From York to Manchester to Birmingham, the markets offer a variety of toys, gifts, clothing, food and drink all winding through the city’s streets.


It’s a perfect way to spend an evening with your loved ones. With food and drink being a heavy selling point what’s better than a glass of fizzy and a frankfurter!


Eat, drink and eat some more

Christmas is THE time to indulge. From mince pies to pork pies to the infamous Celebration tub of chocolates. There is nothing better than eating some naughty-but-nice treats while your tucked inside on a cold evening. Whether that’s hearty and homely food such as stews and casseroles to sweet stuff such as gingerbread and Christmas cake.

There is no other time in the year where you can scoff an entire tub of celebrations and nobody would bat an eyelid!


Visit the theatre

Visiting the theatre is a perfect way to spend a dark and cold evening. In Manchester, the Palace theatre based on Oxford Road is very accessible and has shown productions such as Mamma Mia, The Bodyguard and other classic shows.

Why not follow the theatre with a meal out in a restaurant? With tea lights lit and some incredible company, what’s not to like about a dark cold night in December!



Nothing at all

If you’d much rather stop at home, light some candles and just relax, that’s a perfect way to unwind throughout the festive season. Curling up on the sofa and scrolling through the recently added section on Netflix is a perfect setting for your evening. The infamous “I’m A Celeb” show is now on our screens as well as other festive TV programmes and movies.