Try to get some work done.

If you have deadlines due in the New Year then take some time whilst you’re still on site to crack on with the workload. No one wants to spend Christmas writing essays or stuck revising so do what you can before you go. If you get ahead, it means you’ll have more time to relax and have fun back home.

Take down any Christmas decorations.

Decorated your flat or bedroom with Christmas decorations? Get them down before you leave, it will save you coming back to it in January.

Make sure your door and windows are locked.

Double check you’ve locked your bedroom and flat/house door before leaving for Christmas. Don’t just think the last flat mate to leave will lock up, so check before you go.

Any maintenance repairs?

Report these before you go as this is a quieter period for site, so the team can get on fixing any faults whilst you’re at home. You can report repairs on the dwell portal, using the dwell app or alternatively speak to the team at reception.

Switch it off.

Don’t leave any power sockets or extension leads plugged in and switched on. If you aren’t going to be using it over Christmas switch it off.

Christmas Shopping Online.

Make sure you’ve changed the address of where your presents will be getting delivered. You don’t want to go home then realise you’ve had your gift for your mum delivered to the accommodation.

Empty the fridge.

There’s nothing worse than coming back to a flat that has off food in the fridge. Double check any fresh food is removed or used up before you go. Or see if someone on site can use it!

Try to relax and enjoy yourself.

Yes you might have work to do and exams/ deadlines coming up in January but it’s also a time for you to switch off and have some quality time with family and friends.

Have a lovely time back home and Merry Christmas.