It’s hard at times to stay on top of your to do list. You’ve got exams in January and they’re slowly creeping up on you. But it’s Christmas! So to help you we’ve put a couple of handy tips together to help you do it all this winter! 

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1.Revising All The Way Home


If you’re going home this Christmas, there’s a good chance a lengthy journey, be it on train, coach or car, awaits you. Use this valuable time! Pull out those notes and have a read through. There’ll be plenty of time to double tap your way through Instagram.

2.Start early

I know I know, it seems easy to say doesn’t it? But it’s true! It’s never too soon to start revision. The more prepared you are on exam day, the calmer you will feel. Make sure you know what material is coming up and draw out a timetable, giving yourself a realistic amount of time for each topic.

3.Little and Often

It is Christmas after all! Don’t feel bad about taking a break. Go and watch that movie that you’ve noticed is starting in the afternoon or catch up with your friends- it’s good to give your brain a breather and will help you refocus when you get back to work.

4.Sleep Routine 101

Holidays often end up pushing the boundaries of your bed time. While enjoying your evenings are fully encouraged, just be mindful to not overdo it to night owl level. More sleep means a more fun you for everyone the day after.

5.You’ve got a friend in me!


Get a group of your friends together and throw a study session. Even if you don’t all study the same things, you can motivate each other to get a bit of revision done. Set goals so you don’t end up sitting there for hours.

6.It’s All A Game

Tis the season for games! So why not turn your revision into one for the whole family? Your notes can become their fun quiz and vital revision for yourself.

7.Set Goals

Wrote 1000 words? Grab that chocolate bar from the selection box. Treat yourself! You’ve done the work so bring on the treats!


If you’re not coping and finding it all too stressful, speak to someone. Let your tutor know how you are feeling or pop into The Student’s Union Advice Centre for a confidential chat- it’s better to get it off your chest and get help. Why not set up a WhatsApp group with some of your friends from uni to keep up to date as to how they’re getting on? A little bit of support from each other will spur you on.

And Finally…

If at the end of the holidays you find that you haven’t managed to do as much revision as you’d hoped, don’t worry! You’ve outworked most people and for that you can feel proud.