All settled in? Ready to take on what University life throws at you? We have listed below a few tips and tricks for how to help you manage it all, don’t worry!

Making It Personal!

Although we provide furniture in your bedroom, it’s always better when you can personalise it to show character. Whether it be from colour bedding and an army of pillows (you can never have too many pillows!), to pictures of loved ones or friends lined up along your desk, you can never go amiss when making your room more homely. (Just make sure you don’t do a DIY SOS and ruin the room)

Getting Involved!

Hopefully you took advantage of our Check In party and managed to speak to all the other students at the site! It was great to see many of you enjoying the BBQ and drinks and luckily for you guys, our Events Coordinator will be putting on events like this throughout the year as they are dedicated to making the most of your stay with us! Just keep an eye out for further details in your site’s reception and our social media accounts.
Make sure you also get yourself involved in your University’s societies and clubs. You can make lifelong friends through their groups, as well as possibly finding a passion for something you’d never normally be able to do! Go on, give it a try!

Finding the Right Balance

It can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to manage and organise everything that’s going on in your life. Whilst going to University and studying hard for your chosen course, you also need to find the time to meet up with friends and family, go shopping and out and about in the city, as well as doing any part time work on top of all this. So yes, just make sure you organise your time well so that you have the right kind of balance for all important things in your life!