Repairs & Maintenance

This is a commitment that we’ll always do our best to ensure that your stay with us is safe and comfortable. When things break down, need replacing, or even servicing, we’ll attend to it as quickly as possible. Each of our properties has on-site maintenance support to help us achieve that.
You can report it via your online student portal.

The portal keeps a log of your report, and updates you on the status of the repair. If that is not convenient, let a member of our team know.

We adhere to the published guidelines by ANUK, but will always try to exceed the service levels defined below:

Priority One “Emergency Repairs” are attended within a maximum of 24 hours of a report. These would be any repairs required to avoid a danger to health, a risk to the safety of residents or serious damage to buildings or resident’s belongings, such as:

  • Breaches of security to external doors or windows
  • Unsafe electrical fittings or gas leak
  • Heating and/or loss of hot water
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Faulty kitchen appliances, such as a broken oven
  • A fault with the fire system, faulty detector or fire panel

Priority Two “Urgent Repairs” are attended within five working days of a report. These would be any repairs which materially affect the comfort or convenience of the residents such as:

  • Blocked drains, sinks or toilet
  • Minor electrical fault, such as a light out in a hallway
  • Faulty extractor fan
  • Dripping/leaking taps or shower units
  • Shower base re-seal

Priority Three “Non-urgent Repairs” are attended within 28 days of a report. These would be any repairs not falling within the above categories, such as:

  • Replacement chair or mattress
  • Minor plumbing repairs
  • Faulty TV aerial
  • Repairs to kitchen fittings
  • Tiling repairs
  • Kitchen worktop repair
Emergencies can happen any time of the day. If you need help, contact the following for your site:

Manchester Student Village: Any day/time – 0161 200 5540 to put you through to the 24 hour security team.

The Grafton: Any day/time – 0161 200 5540 which connects you to MSV.

MSV South: Weekdays and overnight – 0161 224 0000 which connects you to MSVS. Weekend daytime – 0161 200 5540 which connects you to MSV.

Western Court: Any day/time – 0161 441 0635

Cathedral Campus: Weekdays – 0151 709 9666 Overnight and weekends 0151 702 7260 which connects you to the Cathedral Lodge.

Hotwells House: All day/time – 0117 435 0201

Garth Heads: All day/time – 0191 737 1109


Call our sales team at +44 (0) 0161 200 5560 Or email us at
Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm