Whether you’re a student who offers support at your Student Union, as part of a society or sports club or you even help out at a local foodbank there is always an option for you to get involved and help make a difference in your community. With the UK still being in lockdown and the opportunity to socialise or communicate with others very limited, we wanted to promote the reasons why you should look to volunteer and help out.

Volunteering offers numerous benefits for your future career and personal development as well as giving you the chance to meet new people. Check out below why we think you should get involved this year:

1. Develop skills for future opportunities.

Volunteering gives you those practical skills which you need to start making active change. Whatever your future pathway, that change can start directly through volunteering. It helps to have extra hobbies on your CV and volunteering provides you with some sought-after skills that might help you stand out from others when applying for jobs in the future.

2. Meet new people and make a difference to your community.

Being stuck inside at the moment can be mentally draining but we understand the importance of following government guidelines. With the opportunity to volunteer this offers you a chance to meet people safely in the current climate. If you are new to the area it can give you that extra opportunity to become more accustomed to your new surroundings and feel a part of the community. It presents a novel way to meet others with a similar interest in helping out, which might also lead to making a new network of friends outside of your University bubble.

3. Beat loneliness and improve wellbeing

Volunteering is one way that can positively support mental health and tackle feelings of loneliness. With students feeling less connected to friends and limited opportunities to socialise, this can give you an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact, not only to your own wellbeing but other students that might need extra support or are feeling lonely during this time. The student led helpline Nightline offers you a chance to speak to other students who might be feeling lonely during this time.
To find out more about volunteering opportunities in your city, see the links below:


University Of Bristol: https://www.bristolsu.org.uk/skills-volunteering

UWE: https://www.uwe.ac.uk/life/activities/volunteering/volunteering-opportunities#abefeee28-ceb0-485b-b3b9-60944e93c22b

In The City: https://candobristol.co.uk/activities/volunteers


LJMU: https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/discover/your-student-experience/volunteering/where-can-i-volunteer

University of Liverpool: https://www.liverpoolguild.org/volunteer/student-volunteering

In The City: St James Student Volunteers https://www.stj.org.uk/Groups/291312/Students.aspx


Northumbria University: https://www.mynsu.co.uk/getinvolved/volunteering/

University of Newcastle: https://www.nusu.co.uk/volunteering/govolunteer/


Nottingham Trent University: https://www.trentstudents.org/volunteering

University of Nottingham: https://su.nottingham.ac.uk/volunteering

In The City: https://www.nottinghamcvs.co.uk/volunteering/want-to-volunteer


Manchester Met University: https://www.theunionmmu.org/volunteering-opportunities

University Of Manchester: https://manchesterstudentsunion.com/volunteering-and-fundraising

In the city: https://manchester.nightline.ac.uk/volunteer/

Friends of Platt Fields http://www.plattfields.org/index.htm

If you are feeling anxious about the idea of volunteering and putting yourself out there, look at our support available through Health Assured this free platform for dwell Students offers you the chance to speak to a support team who can help offer advice and guidance to help overcome any worries you may have. Click here for more details