We hope you have settled into university life well, haven’t missed too many lectures and are exploring your newfound freedom! You’ve also had several months getting to know your flatmates so take our quiz below to see what kind of flatmate you are!

You see your flatmate’s belongings thrown throughout the communal areas. Do you…

A. Pick them up and place them neatly in one area

B. Ask them to clean up their mess (if you’ve actually made it out of your bed after a night out)

C. Not even bat an eyelid. It’s their flat too

D. Throw them in the flatmate’s room and inform them a cleaning rota will be created

Your typical Thursday night is to…

A. Arrange a catch up meal for those in your flat

B. Have a night out at your favourite bars and clubs (hopefully remembering where you live at the end of it!)

C. See where the night takes you. Maybe text a few friends and see if they’re doing anything

D. Attend the study session you have carefully organised into your busy schedule

You’re feeling a bit hungry. What do you do?

A. Treat your flatmates to your signature dish! Chef Flatmate at your service

B. Try and decide between lining your stomach before your night out, or go to pre-drinks instead. Decisions, decisions

C. See if there’s any leftovers because you’d rather spend time chilling out, not cooking away

D. Look at your meal rota so you know what to make – you can also reorganise the kitchen cupboards whilst you’re there

If someone was to describe you in just one word, which of the following would they pick?

A. Caring

B. Outgoing

C. Relaxed

D. Organised

How much do you help out around the flat/house?

A. As much as necessary, just hoping not to wake up the other flatmates with your hoovering

B. Hardly ever because by the time you get in or venture out your bedroom, it’s already been done

C. As little as you can possibly get away with

D. Well, you’ve already set up a cleaning rota so you do your share share… and sometimes others’ if your flatmates don’t help

So, it’s done. You have sealed your fate to determine what kind of flatmate you are. Let’s see what our completely (in)accurate quiz described you as being like:



Answered Mostly A’s – You’re the one everyone goes to when they’re missing home. You’re always there to support people and offer advice when they need it, even if that’s just listening to your flatmate’s problems over your signature dish – you’re basically your flat’s agony aunt!


Answered Mostly B’s – You’re the one everyone goes to when they’re in need of a night out. You know the best places to go, no matter the day of the week! You even know the best students deals around town!


Answered Mostly C’s – You’re the one everyone goes to when they want to take it easy. You have a more relaxed approach to life, so you’d rather go with the flow and you definitely want to avoid all drama! You’re well known for preferring being in your bed than doing anything else!


Answered Mostly D’s – You’re the one everyone goes to when they need a study buddy. If they’re looking for someone with brilliant organisation skills, be a creative inspiration and push them to get the job done, you’re their go to person!