Written by Cathedral Campus Resident and Press Pack Member, Meg

Liverpool is an amazing city, but it’s easy to spend a lot of money going around the shopping centres every weekend.

Here’s a list of cheap places where you can go with your new friends as a chance to socialise and make the most of the city.

Cat Café

If you are a cat and/or coffee lover, this café is for you. Although it seems quite expensive (£1 every 5 minutes), there’s a few tricks to make the most of your stay. Cat Café is a three story building at the end of Bold Street with sofas, comfy chairs, unlimited drinks (non alcoholic only – sorry!) and of course: cats.


30 minutes is plenty of time to meet the cats and have two or three drinks, for just £6 (much cheaper than most coffee shops nowadays). This café is the perfect place to break the ice with your new friends, as well as play with cats and chat to the lovely staff members.

Cavern Club

You can’t come to Liverpool and not enjoy the local music scene, so why not try out the world-famous Cavern Club. Monday to Wednesday is Free Entry, and Thursday onwards is just £4 after 7pm, so the only money you will be spending is on a drink or two.

With live music on from 11.15am, this is the perfect place to spend the day with new friends, especially if you love The Beatles.

Bold Street

Just a 5/10 minute walk from LIPA and Cathedral Campus, on the way into the city, lies Bold Street – a street filled with independent coffee shops, vintage clothes stores and quirky food places.

Almost all of these businesses have student discounts or student sale events on, so make sure to get down there and make the most of these unique shops.

Albert Docks

If you manage to catch a sunny day in Liverpool, the Docks are the perfect answer, with fairground rides, food stalls and ice cream vans.

You can spend as little or as much as you’d like, and there’s a lot of photo opportunities on your way.

So when you’re strapped for cash and looking for something to do in Liverpool, the above ideas will surely point you in the right direction!