Attending University or college can be a challenge at times. You’re away from home and all its normality, not to mention meeting strict deadlines when submitting your work. But you’re also convinced you need to be social and experience the nightlife in the hope of being a ‘real’ student.

Due to all of these expectations, it’s no surprise that you may feel overwhelmed whilst studying! With this in mind, it’s actually ok to feel stressed out about things from time to time. It’s normal to feel like this, especially since you may not be used to such a hectic timetable! So if you think you may need support, whatever it may be, check out how to get help below.



If you need help with anything whilst you’re studying at University, why not try downloading Apps that can help you De-stress? We’ve got a list of different Apps you may be interested in here.

Or if you feel like you need to speak to someone, try your University. As almost all Universities have a Student Support department, there’ll be someone there to listen to you.

Alternatively, we’ve listed below some helpful organisations and charities who are there if you need their help or support. Talking to someone really can make a big difference in your life;

Please note that you may find the below topics and support links to be distressing.