With the penultimate season of this amazing show just around the corner, here is the Game of Thrones guide to University life.

1.It’s A New Start.

You’re new to the accommodation, or even the city!  If you need some advice on the best places to grab a coffee, or how to get to your campus then just ask!

2.You’ll Make Life Long Friends.

New flat mates, new course pals, either way you’ll make friends for life!

3.You might take a fancy to someone.

Whether you meet them in your lecture theatre, at the bus stop or the student union.

4.Know Your Limits.

Enjoy Freshers week and have fun, but remember to be sensible.

5.Don’t get a pet.

You might think it’s a good idea to get a cat or a furry companion. But focus on your studies instead.

6.Don’t Lose Your Head.

 If you get a bit anxious or a bit stressed about uni life, there are lots of people to help. Talk to a friend, have a brew with staff or contact your  university councillor for support.

7.And finally, just have fun!

 You’re here to study, but you’re also here to experience life. Enjoy it, make the most of your time at university and have fun!