It’s understandable that fire safety might not be the first thing you are thinking about currently. Whether you are living in a full flat or independently we want to provide advice on everyday fire hazards to bear in mind when it comes to fire safety on site.

Make sure not to wedge open doors– This especially includes the communal kitchen door which can be the main culprit for setting off smoke alarms within flats. Be mindful that if you’re cooking this can activate the alarm if you leave your door ajar.


fire safety sign on door

Be careful with electronics– Extension cables can present a risk if overloaded. Make sure to check your extension lead isn’t covered by clothing or anything that can cause it to overheat, this also refers to plug adaptors. Leaving electronics plugged in overnight is also not a good idea, get in to the habit of checking you have switched off non-essential electronics.

Covering your smoke alarm– This speaks for itself and shouldn’t need to be reiterated as to why this is important to not do. If you cover your smoke detectors’ you delay the activation of the alarm which alerts the fire panel, this could then put other students and staff on site at risk.

Leaving cooking unattended– This could be a simple thing that can cause such a big fire risk. You go to talk to your flat mate for a few minutes, or you go back in to your room whilst your food is cooking but then you aren’t aware if anything overheats, over boils or catches fire, best thing you can do is if you’re cooking stay in the kitchen to keep an eye on your food.

person cooking with a pan on the hob in a kitchen

Storing things in your hallway– If for any reason you needed to exit your flat quickly you want to make sure the exit is clear of any obstructions, you should regularly check nothing is in your hallway, this includes, shoe racks, bikes or even bin bags that are waiting to be removed. Get in to the habit of making sure nothing is stored in this area of your flat.

Using open flames– Having candles and incense sticks can provide a lovely touch to your room but isn’t something we recommend you use due to the high risk of fire an open flame can cause.

Know where the nearest exit is– This should be displayed within your flat with clear signage present for you to follow as well. If you wish to find out more about fire safety on site see our blog Fire Safety Staying Safe In Your Student Accommodation.