It’s understandable that you aren’t always focused on fire safety when you first move in to student accommodation. We understand you must have a lot of things happening, new surroundings, places to explore, assignments to prep for. So we’ve made an easy to follow blog on what you need to know about fire safety within your student home.

Within your flat

-Know where the nearest exit is.

-Make sure doors are closed and not wedged open – these can help contain a fire for a certain period of time, if closed correctly.

-Obstructions in the hallway of your flat can be a hazard and delay an evacuation – move the shoes, put them in your bedroom and make sure no boxes or bikes are left in an escape route.

-Never cover the smoke detector – we get it, some of you like a smoke and think the easiest way of getting away with it in your bedroom is to cover your smoke detector. Please do not do this. This can not only affect the safety of students within the building, but you can also get in a lot of trouble, not only with the site team, but the fire department too. You can face hefty fines for tampering with any sort of fire equipment. If you need a smoke, head outside to the smoking area.

If you hear the fire alarm

-Evacuate the building immediately – depending on where you live, you may have staff members present to direct you to the fire assembly point. If no staff are present, gather in a safe area away from your building and contact a member of your site team immediately.

-Do not use the lifts

-Use the stairs

-Do not re-enter the building until you are advised to do so

Our procedures-

-Our team test the fire systems in all buildings at least once per week to check they are always in working order.

-We complete monthly compliance checks to make sure all firefighting equipment is intact, and that escape routes are clear of hazards or anything that can affect fire safety.

Don’t get in trouble

Do not tamper with any firefighting equipment or signage – this includes:

-Smoke/heat detectors

-Fire extinguishers & blankets

-Fire doors

-Dry risers

-Fire signs

-Alarm call points

If there’s a problem

Please contact your site team to report any faults or damage, especially if you feel there is a problem with any fire safety equipment.

You can also log maintenance jobs on the dwell student living app or via the dwell portal .