We understand that moving to a new place and getting to grips with it all can leave you feeling homesick.  Studying at university doesn’t mean you have to feel this way. You just simply have to find alternative ways to stay in contact and maintain relationships with those back home.

Now that freshers is over, you’re hopefully settling into university life and all that it has to offer. You may have joined different societies, formed friendships with those in your class and embraced your new city! We’ve listed a few ways below on how best to stay in touch with the people who love and know you best.

Travelling Home

If you know you’re a home bird and you’re now feeling a bit homesick, what’s better than seeing your friends and family in person? Although this may not always be the easiest option to speak to your loved ones, it’ll be worth it to see familiar faces!

Wanting to visit back home or see your friends in other UK cities, why not try out the 16-25 Railcard? This is for students who are aged between 16 and 25 years old. All you need to do is buy the railcard for a one-off fee of £30. You can use your railcard to get cheaper train fares over the next year!

You should also look into travelling by the bus or coach with National Express. They have loads of different routes so no matter your destination, they’ll be able to get you there! If you purchase their coach card for a one-off fee of £10 currently, you can use it to get discounted journey fares!



Skype and Video Calls

With modern day technology, you’re able to speak to someone a million miles away from just the click of a button. This is the same for video calls too – say goodbye to feeling homesick!

If you have a smart phone, make sure you download WhatsApp and Skype. These apps allow you to make video calls for free (on an internet connection), so you are able to speak to your friends and family whenever you like. The person you are wishing to contact will also need to have the app installed on their smart phone! It’s as simple as that!


Sending a Letter

Yes, we know we’re in the 21st Century and that it’s rare for a letter to be sent instead of a text, but does anyone else get excited seeing a letter addressed to them? Sometimes it’s just nice to receive a hand written letter!

It’s also good to write your own so that you can get all your feelings down on paper. You’ll also be able to let your friends and family know how you are settling into university life! You never know, you might even enjoy it and it might even help you feel less homesick! So take the time out of your day and write a letter, over a cup of tea and a biscuit… or six!