1. Headspace






The fan favourite! This go-to meditation app includes guided meditation sessions, as long or short as you’d like and being able to find sessions based on specific life stressors such as relationships and health.

  1. Memoires: The Diary






Sometimes it’s best to go old school, but with a 21st century twist of course! Keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts is a tried and tested method to reduce anxiety, preventing thoughts distracting you from what you should really be doing, which is enjoying life.

  1. Calm






Calm is a ‘do-it-all’ relaxation app with white noise, calming music and even guided meditations. What sets it apart is the option to portion your relaxation sessions and activity to exactly how much time you have, whether squeezing 5 minutes in your busy day, on your commute or winding down at night.

  1. My Mood Tracker







This simple app does one important thing and does it well. MMT helps keep track of how you’re feeling throughout the day and add notes to what caused you to feel this way. This idea is based on the theory that before you can begin to clear your mind, you must identify what exactly is cluttering up your thoughts.

  1. Pay It Forward







As simple as they come. Do good to feel good. Pay It Forward gives you a simple daily suggestion on one good deed for the day, which you can then keep track in your log.

  1. Relax Melodies






Relax Melodies feature a variety of natural and calming sounds that can be playing for a variety of lengths. Proven to block out distractions and help induce better sleep, white noise is becoming widely used to improve focus and calm. Flowing river or fireplace anyone?

  1. Acupressure: Heal Yourself







Did you know that sometimes if you’re feeling low stimulating certain pressure points around your body can instantly lift your mood? Pressure points are a great way to release nerve endings and ease tension in the body for all over spiritual and physical comfort. Acupressure is a completely safe to try app that provides a list of very easy and useful suggestions.

  1. Breathe2Relax






Mindful diaphragmatic breathing has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress while inducing calm. Using scientific principles, the app helps you achieve conscious deep breathing that helps clear your mind.

  1. Happify






Game your way to happiness? With Happify’s science backed games and activities you can! Always adding new content and you’re sure to not get bored either. You can choose a ‘track’ of program to follow when you start such as ‘Clearing negative thoughts’ and the app will provide you activities regularly to help with this.

  1. Pocket Yoga





Your yoga instructor on the go. Yoga is proven to help you breathe better and improve blood circulation, all helping to calm yourself and train your brain to stay positive by releasing more ‘happy’ hormones.