Written by MSV resident and Press Pack member, Joey Crutchley.
Joey’s Instagram: ohhsnapitsjoey

As the leaves start to fall and more and more Starbucks cinnamon lattes are ordered, we know that summer has officially gone and autumn is closing in. The dark nights, the crisp air and the freedom to wear multiple layers are the many things we all love about autumn. In preparation of the upcoming months here is my survival guide on what to do, wear, eat and listen to.

To Do

Autumn is a perfect time to finesse the art of doing nothing! Curling up on the sofa, scrolling (and scrolling) through Netflix while sipping on a hot chocolate is the perfect way to unwind and take in this new season.

Although summer is the most sociable season of the year, autumn doesn’t have to mean the demise of your social calendar. Visiting art gallery’s with friends and eating out at restaurants are a perfect way to socialise through this season.

Swap your a pint in a beer garden for a latte in a coffee shop!


Oversized layers are a great way to ease into the sudden drop in temperature. For me autumn is all about warm colours; browns, reds, rust, cream etc., however adding a pop of colour to this palette can add character to an otherwise muted outfit.

Mustard is a colour that’s in all the shops right now from H&M to Marks & Spencer, everyone is getting in on this trend colour. When complimented with other warms colour this creates a very fun autumnal palette.


This fall sees a popular time for artists to drop singles / albums. French production duo The Blaze dropped their album on September 7th as well as R&B songstress Tamia.

The Blazes album entitled “DANCEHALL” is primarily a dance album with melancholy synths and lyrics; great for people who party no matter what the season! While Tamia’s R&B infused album “Passion Like Fire” is perfect for those late nights snuggled on the sofa with your significant other (or yourself) Other upcoming music releases include Rita Ora, Clean Bandit and Lana Del Rey.


After three months off eating salads and drinking cucumber water now is the time to indulge! Hot, homely food such as pie and chips and homemade stews are perfect and they can still be healthy. Use a variety of vegetables in the stew to give it both flavour and a nutrient value.

Various coffee shops bring in their autumn range which include a variety of seasonal inspired items. From spiced coffees to hazelnut muffins, this season is one to get ready for an infusion of flavours.

So there you have it, your Autumn Survival Guide.

We hope you enjoyed the above read and are now a bit more clued up on the Autumn season, but if you’d like to find out what else you can get up to or need more advice about other topics, why not check out our other blogs – there’ll be something for everyone!