The word curry comes from Kari in the South Indian language Tamil, meaning ‘sauce or relish for rice’.

Britain loves curry! This is a fact you can see all around you with curry houses often dominating the restaurant scene around our cities. While this is obviously a result of the Indian links going back to colonial days, it has become an essential part of British culture now.

While India has an impressive range of curries and it’s impossible to try them all, what many people don’t know is that you might be missing out on some amazing dishes from other parts of the world with their own unique take on curry.

So let’s take a look at some of these you can try the next time you’re out browsing where to eat.

Kare Pan – Japan

That’s right, among all the Sushi, Teppanyaki and Teriyaki there’s a lot of love for curry too. While you can work your way through Japanese style curry and rice or even curry ramen, one dish you must try is Kare Pan or Curry Bread. Breaded and deep fried with curry inside you can find this favourite at any bakery or convenience store.

Curry Chicken – Trinidad & Tobago

What sets this curry apart is the use of that Caribbean classic chilli, the Scotch Bonnet Pepper, adding a distinctive flavour.

Roti Canai – Malaysia

Malaysia is a great mix of cultures, each bringing in their own influences of Malay, Chinese and Indian food. One such dish with Indian influences is Malaysia’s own curry dish, Roti Canai, referring to the version of bread made in the South Indian city of Chennai. Typically served with dal, non vegetarian versions can be found as well.

Massaman – Thailand

The curry with a love story! In a poem written by an 18th century Thai prince he writes that his wife’s Massaman “a curry made by my beloved, is fragrant of cumin and strong spices, any man who has had it is bound to long for her.” With that kind of praise is it much surprise that this has became the most ordered dish in Thai restaurants in Europe?

Rendang – Indonesia

While some people argue Rendang isn’t a curry at all, for the sake of you not missing out on this amazing spicy dish, lets include it. Prepared using a mixture of ground spices called Pemasak and coconut milk, Rendang is usually made with beef and had with rice and other vegetables on the side.