Tis the season to break out a big festive meal! But we say why wait till you’re back home to start the excitement. You can make your own Student Christmas meal right here in your accommodation with your flatmates and friends. Have a look at our top tips to make it a good one.

Top Tips

1.) Discuss how you’ll be splitting the cost. Whether it’s everyone chips in money, buying different bits or transferring to one person (There are apps to help with this!)

2.) Discuss dietary requirements and find alternatives if needed. Make sure everyone is happy with what’s on the menu.

3.) Timing, timing, timing! Plan ahead and find out what will take the longest to shortest amount of time to prepare and start cooking accordingly. Might be a good idea to designate a time keeper.

4.) Make it a bit special. Set the table, Christmas jumper up, get the nice plates out and put out some crackers.

5.) Look for options. Compare prices for ingredients not just at the local super markets but if you have a local market.

6.) Don’t shy away from frozen! A lot of times frozen veg can be just as good as fresh and cheaper.

Here we’ve shown a simple ingredients list all for under a tenner.

(Ingredients List Credits: savethestudent.org)


Serves: 4 | Costs: £8.14 (£2.04 per serving)

-4 chicken breast fillets (£3.60) – This can be replaced with Vegetarian or any meat option

-85g sage and onion stuffing pack mix (£0.30)

-75g cranberry sauce (£0.24)

-40g bread sauce mix (£0.80)

-1kg Maris Piper potatoes (£0.60)

-3 carrots (£0.15)

-3 sweet potatoes (£0.99)

-2 parsnips (£0.30)

-2 onions (£0.14)

-300g frozen Brussels sprouts (£0.33)

-200g frozen peas (£0.14)

-12 small, ready-made and frozen Yorkshire puddings (£0.40)

-50g gravy granules (£0.06) – quantity needed may differ depending on which brand you buy

-7 tbsp vegetable oil (£0.11)

-Salt and pepper (£0.02)