Written by MSV resident and Press Pack member, Joey Crutchley.

Joey’s Instagram; ohhsnapitsjoey

Liverpool a city that has brought us talent such as Kim Cattrall, Paul O Grady and let’s not forget pop icon Nicola Roberts (of girls aloud) it offers an incredibly eclectic and mouth watering cuisine while housing individual and distinctive “liverpudlian” art, all accompanied with a care free attitude.

The Tate Modern is a contemporary art gallery which features the renowned “My Bed” by Tracey Emin. I had been a fan of Emin’s work for a while now and had always wanted to see the infamous “bed” in person! Although the gallery is located around a 20 minute walk away from the central station, the walk allows you to take in the sights that Liverpool has to offer.

Neon jamon is a tapas style restaurant. Upon arriving you are greeted by the stripped back aesthetic with brick walls being contrasted through numerous plants within the restaurant. We ordered mini hamburgers, season fries loaded with Parmesan and a fried egg, goats cheese fried balls and Spanish omelette. In hindsight we ordered WAY too much food but it was our first time at a tapas restaurant I always presumed portion sizes were small. Neon jamon soon shattered that illusion of mine!

The shopping centre is similar to the Arndale centre in Manchester in the sense of the different variety of stores it offers. There was even a hotel chocolat cafe! Walking around the docks is both romantic and peaceful. A string of independent stores ranging from restaurants to toy stores to locksmiths are scattered across the docks overlooking the grey sea.