Whilst at university or college, you’ll find yourself spending quite a lot of time reading, writing and getting ready for any exams or assignments on your course.

Visiting different websites and looking at your lecture notes are ways of helping you prepare, but have you ever used your university’s library, or even one in the local city? They’re a great way of getting extra pieces of information and references when you feel like you’ve exhausted your lesson briefs.

Here’s 3 reasons why we think you should check them out:

1. By visiting the library, not only are you able to choose from hundreds of books, but there will also be quite a lot of e-content available.

You’d just need to log in, access the helpful content, then see just how it helps transform your already amazing assignment!

2. Another benefit of dropping by the library, is that you can speak to the librarians and gain some of their wisdom (after all, they may have worked there for years helping students with different queries).

And even if you find yourself spending more time with the librarian than your lecturer, it shows you’re taking your own initiative to complete your studies, and you may even become a self-directed learner!

3. And finally, by researching on your own, and using the various sources that libraries offer, you can gain skills that employers may find useful.

So when updating your CV or going to those important job interviews, be sure to big yourself up!

We hope you have found the above points useful, and who knows – they may have convinced you to take advantage of your university’s or local library.

Good luck with your studies and exams!