11th – 17th November is marked as Alcohol Awareness Week and this year’s theme is ‘Alcohol and Me‘. The main focus of the week is on how much you know about the alcohol you are consuming and how it affects your body.

While most people don’t think of themselves as having a problem, the casual drinks here and there can still add up and do harm. But the good news is that by even making small changes to our drinking behaviour we can become healthier, reduce risks for many serious health conditions including cancer, mental health problems, and liver disease and also enjoy alcohol safely and responsibly.

For more information to separate the facts from the fiction, find out about awareness programs and how you can get involved alcoholchange.org.uk and drinkaware.co.uk are the best resources to make use of.

The current recommendation is to stick to a maximum of 14 units of alcohol per week. Do you know what 14 units of alcohol look like?