This year, as every year, we begin our summer in the hope that this one will be a good one, enjoyed outside with friends, BBQs, festivals and lots of sun (we know how this one goes most years). Around all the fun, the good weather is your best opportunity to get outside, but the time of year comes with it’s own little niggles and here we’ll try to help you stay clear of them.

Keep It Shut

As soon as the warm weather starts many are unfortunate to have to deal with the dreaded hay fever. As the pollen count goes up outside, the itchy eyes, runny noses and croaky throats soon follow.

You can minimise the effects of hay fever by keeping your windows shut during peak hours of the day, taking a hay fever tablet when you go out, not laying your clothes out to dry as this might collect pollen and also avoiding certain foods such as cheese.

Slap It On

Of course enjoy the sun, sure go ahead and get your tan on, but don’t forget to slap on some sun cream first! Cause the painful sun burnt look was never in and you might even end up out of action outside for a few days.

Hit The Water

A swim in the local pool or at the beach is a perfect way to unwind and at the same time get some great exercise in, but make sure to have a bottle of water around at all times. Keep sipping away at it to make sure the heat doesn’t get to you.

Take Advantage

Of everything the summer has to offer. Use the time to start something new, yoga anyone? Walk outside in the sun and load up on some much needed Vitamin D. Your local supermarkets and coffee shops are bound to be selling more specialties, seasonal fruits and vegetables, grab yourself some before they’re gone. The plus side is these foods seasonal foods are often packed with nutrients that’ll keep you healthy through the season.

Plan Ahead

Sorting your meetups and other plans early allows you to be make the most of your time. Whether its getting those festival tickets before they’re all gone or simply planning your lunch ahead with some fresh ingredients, a bit of planning goes a long way.