Written by MSV resident and Press Pack member, Joey Crutchley.
Joey’s Instagram: ohhsnapitsjoey

Jessie Ware – Glasshouse

Following two studio albums of underrated soul-pop, with an emphasis on emotion, Jessie Ware’s Glasshouse showcases the artists struggle and also success in balancing between artist, mother and wife with candid lyrics and contemporary production. Opening the album, lead single “Midnight” a dramatic opening track, captivates the listener on first listen. A piano-driven chorus and layered arrangement with a deeply atmospher- ic vibe sees Jessie longs for her love to, “Meet me in the Midnight.”

The following track “Thinking of you” showcases her struggle and anxiety coming to terms with leaving her daughter. While “Stay Awake, Wait For Me” is a blues inspired track reminiscent of D’angelo’s earlier work.

The last track on the album “Sam” – co-written with Ed Sheeran – is a dedication to her husband; a  four-chord story detailing her journey of finding the one to then having a child, is a beautiful guitar led song with flute and a dramatic and sensual outro. With Jessie’s lyrics landing like soft kisses on a forehead she talks candidly about her apprehension for parenthood and the unconditional love she has for her husband of 15 years.

Sampha – Process

British singer Sampha has collaborated with artists such as Beyonce, Kanye West & Frank Ocean however on his debut album of experimental and tentative R&B, he discusses topics of grief and death through a gorgeous yet bruised voice. The ballad, “No One Knows Me (Like The Piano) features only a piano and Samphas rich vocals.

Dedicated to his dead mother, the pain and emotion in Samphas voice allows this track to be one of the strongest on the album. “Incomplete Kisses” uses Samphas warm vocals accompanied with percussive elements ticking in and out of the four-minute song.

The Blaze – Territory EP

The French production duo are known for their powerful and emotive music videos in which their production is a slow and mournful take on house music. The opening track “Prelude” utilises tinkling piano notes with pulsing synths. While second single, “Territory” showcases an essence of celebratory while being backed with a pounding albeit familiar sounding beat.

“Virile” the first single, combines both powerful imagery with poignant melodies. The track uses rising and falling synthizers creating a sense of anxiety and tension, translated in its video. The use of building synths and a pitched down voice allows the ambiguity of the voice to reflect the visuals associated with the EP.