Freshers’ week isn’t just about going out and partying. Sure, enjoying yourself is an important part of moving to university, but there are also lots of important uni-related things to do so that you’re well prepared for the start of your new life as a student.

To help you make the most of your time during freshers’ week, here are six pieces of advice that’ll help you meet new friends, organise yourself, and hit the ground running when your lectures and seminars begin.

Meet New Friends

Go into freshers’ week with an open mind and the aim of meeting new people. Don’t just hide away in your room. Look to hang out in common-rooms and get talking to your flatmates. You’ll all be in the same boat, anticipating your new lives at uni, so be friendly and helpful and allow those new friendships to flourish.

Attend Freshers’ Fairs

Freshers’ fairs are great opportunities to mingle with interesting people and open up opportunities for yourself. Wander around the stalls and seek out clubs and societies that you’re interested in, registering your interest if you want to get involved.

From traditional sports clubs and computer-gaming societies, to strange groups like tiddlywinks and extreme ironing, you’ll find loads of intriguing things to get involved with – and you can pick up freebies like stationery and food while you’re there too.

Sort Out Your Finances

Use freshers’ week to organise your money for the term ahead. Work out a weekly budget, whether that’s from your bursaries and loans or from money you’ve saved up. Remember to put some cash aside for extra-curricular fun during your first few weeks too. Perhaps go one step further and get a student job, using a simple spreadsheet on Excel or Google Sheets, or by downloading finance apps onto your smartphone to keep track of your earnings.

Get to Know Your New City

If you’re staying in your hometown or city, you’ll be the de-facto tour guide in your halls of residence, and you’ll be able to give your new flatmates insider knowledge about the city’s hidden gems. Make the most of this and pick up some new friends. They’ll take your advice on fun things to see and do on evenings, weekends, and in between their time studying.

If you’re new to a city, get out and about and go and see the sights – whether you head to museums to soak up culture, relax in parks with your new friends, or go and explore some lesser-known drinking spots in the the cooler areas about town.

Prepare for Lectures

Enjoy freshers’ week but use your spare time to plan your university timetable. Go and scope out the campus. Once you know where your lectures are being held and how far away from home they are, there’s less chance that you’ll be late when your course finally kicks in – and trust us when we say that it isn’t a nice feeling walking into a lecture hall that’s full of people when you’re looking all flustered.

See what your first lectures will cover and do some reading so that you’ll be well-versed in the topics and can ask your lecturer some questions afterwards. Being prepared from the start will ease any worriesand will put you in good stead for the year ahead.

Eat, Drink, and Sleep Properly

Finally, make sure you look after yourself so that you’re feeling great when the real learning starts. Eat, drink, and sleep properly, and draw up an exercise routine that fits around your uni timetable. Taking care of your body will really help you ease into the hard work to come.

Making the Most of Your Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ week is all about having fun and laying the foundations for your new life at university. Follow our advice and don’t take life too seriously; just stay safe and go and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves.

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