It’s national high five day, and you’ve guessed it, we’ve selected the top 5 high 5’s. Whether you’re a fan of high fiving, or you’re too cool for this kind of thing, take a look at the some of the greatest (or not so great) high fives of all time. See you if you can pick out a favourite!

The “Can’t Believe I’ve Just Done That But Act Casual” One

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn will think twice about high fiving next time…..

If everything could wrong with a high five, this whole GIF would be it. Take a look

The “Fist Bump Intruder” One

As awkward as this high five-fist bump thing is, don’t think Leonardo really cares when he’d just won an award! I don’t blame him


The “Styling It Out” One

Now we couldn’t have a list of awkward high fives without mentioning Trump. Just take a look for yourself…..


The “Laugh or It’s Even More Awkward” One

When a high five doesn’t go to plan, just laugh it off!



Hope you enjoyed these funny, awkward and down-right cringe-worthy high fives!