Bet it seems like yesterday you were moving everything into your room, ready for the new academic year ahead of you. Well, it’s sad to say the time has almost come for your 2017/18 contract to end.

Along the way, we hope you’ve made lifelong friends and have created some of the greatest memories you’ll ever have. It’s hard to say goodbye to a good thing, but to make it that little bit easier, please check out the below tips for when checking out of your room.

Be Organised

Sounds quite simple but this is one of the most important things to be.

So whether you’re sorting out everything into boxes, or arranging transport to your next destination, it’s best make a list of everything that needs to be done and make a deadline for it. Then, just make sure you stick to your deadlines so that you aren’t in a rush and leave it all to the last minute.

Shut Windows, Doors and Turn Off Lights

You may be thinking to yourself that you’d do this anyway, but if you’re too busy thinking about checking out, you may forget about it.

So before saying goodbye to your dwell bedroom and flat for the last time, and in between your bouts of crying, please close all windows, doors and turn off all lights. We don’t want to be walking into a room where a pigeon has set up their new home through an open window!

Worried you won’t have enough time to get packed up and check out? Well, make sure you know your contract end date in plenty of time. If you’re not too sure what this is, you can either check your contract or speak to your accommodation team.

Well, that’s it folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay with us, and wish you all the best for the future! If you wish to view any of our other tips, check out our different blogs posts here.