Yep, you’ve guessed it, we’re going to get our scare on! I’m sure you’ve heard all about different Halloween traditions, whether that’s from you celebrating it yourself or hearing about it from TV shows or films. So although it’s arguably one of the oldest holidays around, it is still being celebrated around the globe to this day.

To help you get in the ghoully spirit, check out some of the traditions still happening throughout the world:

1. Die de los muertos // Mexico

2. Kawasaki Halloween Parade // Japan

3. Night of Dracula // Romania

4. Samhain // Ireland and Scotland

5. Awuru Odo Festival // Nigeria

So there you have it, we’ve named just 5 different Halloween traditions that take place across the world. We hope you’ve learnt a little more about the traditions, but remember there are still plenty more happening worldwide.

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