Guardians Of Our Galaxy

1).Getting to know people I wouldn’t have met around the accommodation.
2).Being a student Rep has allowed me to bond with people from all walks of life, studying similar courses and from different universities. By doing so, means that the social aspect to university life was greatly enhanced. The location of Cathedral Campus made my life that much easier and allowed me to get to know the City of Liverpool better had I have chose to live outside of the city centre.
3). With the small time dedicated to being a student Rep, it wasn’t noticeably difficult to balance the schemes requirements as well as uni work. The flexibility with house rounds, with a set date of completion for the tasks, meant that time management was in my favour and therefore made this side to the scheme more manageable.
4).Apply to the scheme with an open mind. If you are friendly and can communicate well, you could meet people that will turn out to be lifelong friends.
Gary Murphy
My favourite part about being student rep is being able to have a voice within student accommodation and putting my ideas and opinions forward. – It has enhanced my time with Dwell/Uni as I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to a variety of people from different cities which I wouldn’t have had the chance to before. – The SR scheme was really easy to manage particularly being in third year and having a lot of uni work. Meetings and events only require around 2 hours of your time every so often. -To definitely give the scheme a chance as there are many benefits involved and makes a great addition to your CV, showing social and leadership skills.
Cassie Walker
My favourite part of the scheme was participating in the dwell events, it was really enjoyable helping out and I loved meeting people I live with but haven’t had chance to meet. The scheme has made me feel like I have a voice with my accommodation and let other voices be heard with how the place is run. I managed my time really well between university, full time job and student rep scheme. The scheme only takes up a few hours a month which is convenient for me. My advice would be if you don’t have a lot of free time or you know you won’t be able to commit it’s not for you. It’s a commitment and it’s not fair on those you’re representing if you can’t commit.
Helen Lowe
My favourite part was promoting activities and inviting people to join in events in my hall. It helped me combine activities in uni and activities in my student accommodation. It is ok to spend time as a student rep. This gives you new skills. Get involved in all activities. Give some ideas to the senior management so they know what we students want. It is a good opportunity to have your say about what you like o dislike and suggest ways to improve your student accommodation
Gabriel Sabba


Try something new this year! Become a student Rep!

We are looking for enthusiastic students who can look to make a difference with us here at Dwell Student Living.

With an ever expanding community, we want students who live with us to be able to show to new students as well as old what Dwell is all about.

What will you get out of this?
• We’ll provide training to support you on a wide range of issues (this includes first aid training)
• Flexible working hours
• A chance to help organise and plan events to hold on site
• Amazon vouchers plus a chance for more rewards throughout the year

What we get out of it?
The opportunity to get to know you lovely people!
If you are interested, please click on the link below!
Applications close on Wednesday 23rd August.

Student Rep Role | Student Rep Application


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