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The Resi Life team is here to make sure that your time at dwell student living is the best it can be – in fact; it’s our mission to make you feel part of the dwell community.

You can find us over at Manchester Student Village were we work throughout the academic year on holding events at our sites around the UK,- as well as chatting with you online you can find us over on our Social Media accounts- click the icons opposite to check out our pages.

We want to offer support in every aspect of your student life and most importantly, make sure you have a good time. If you’re new to the city and need to know the best places to visit or have an idea for an event you would like to see happening, get in touch by emailing

Throughout the year our aim is to make your time with dwell student living a great one and we will invite you on our social media accounts to join in at events and workshops throughout the year.  Whether that’s through our welcome weeks, yoga classes or Halloween events we want you to get involved and feel part of the community.

If we aren’t doing anything you like and you want to see something happening, tell us! We love to hear back from our students and your feedback is valuable on how we can improve our service to you.

Fancy Working With Us?

We are looking for enthusiastic, creative students. Whether you blog, vlog or even just have a good story you’d like to share, have a look at joining our team and get your work seen, not just by the students that live with us, but thousands of people who visit our website every day.
Whether you have a few helpful student tips you would like to pass on to help out our fresher’s, or if you’ve seen the latest movie or show on Netflix and fancy yourself as a bit of a critic. We want you to get involved! Let us know about the things that mean something to you.
Why should I join the team?
  • It’s a great addition to your CV. This is a fantastic thing to have added to your CV. Giving you that edge over other students when it comes to competing for jobs in the future.
  • Helps to develop your skillset. Get in that practice to help you develop your own style when it comes to blogging online.
  • It’s flexible! We understand a lot of you have university work to complete. Blog when you can!
  • Everyone loves an Amazon Voucher! And we’ll make sure to provide you with a couple of these throughout the year if you get writing.

Interested but want to know  a bit more? Get in touch with