Planet Mars

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Enjoy living with more housemates in one of our Mars rooms, set within a 5 bed house!

You’d have your own bedroom with space to study, and you’d share the 2 toilets, the 2 shower-rooms and the kitchen.

All rooms in our 5 bedroom houses are inclusive of all bills, this includes your 70mb WiFi.  You’ll also find a double wardrobe, shelving and desk space along with under bed storage!

Contract Length Start Date Price per week Availability
2018/19 STL From 10.01.2019 £110.00 Limited Book Now
38 Week 14.09.2019 £120.00 Limited Book Now
42 Week 14.09.2019 £118.00 Limited Book Now
44 Week 07.09.2019 £112.00 Limited Book Now
51 Week 07.09.2019 £110.00 Limited Book Now
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