You can cancel your contract up to 14 days starting from the date after signing your contract this is known as the cooling off period. However, you are not able to cancel on this basis if your contract has started or you have moved in. If you sign a contract with less than 14 days until the contract is due to start your cooling off period will only be for the amount of days before the contract starts.

All cancellation requests must be given to us in writing either by post or email. The request must reach us by the end of the 14th day.

All fees paid to us during this cooling off period will be refunded in full.

After your cooling off period  you  can  only  cancel  your  contract  if  a  suitable  replacement tenant is found to take over your room. If no replacement tenant is found, you will be responsible for payment of the rent in full, even if you do not move in to the property.

If a replacement Tenant is found for your Room, we will release you from your Tenancy Agreement from the start date of the replacement Tenant’s new Tenancy Agreement. Please note the room rate will be what is advertised on our website at the time of you requesting to cancel your contract.

For cancellation requests after your cooling off period all application & booking fees are non- refundable. For some properties you will be required to pay a cancellation fee, this fee will be offset by retaining all or part of your deposit.

Please refer to the schedule of charges table on our website for the list of properties with cancellation fees.

If you are a 1st year student and you haven’t got the required grades for your University will be released from your contract providing we receive a cancellation request within 48 hours of your results being published. You will also need to provide supporting evidence from UCAS or your University.

Any application/booking fee paid will not be refunded back to you, however any rent payments made will be refunded in full.

The contract you are signing with dwell is an assured shorthold tenancy otherwise known as an AST. Your AST is a legally binding contract between you as the customer (tenant) and Centurion Student Services (UK) LTD and sets out your responsibilities as a customer (tenant) and our responsibilities as your landlord. The AST is for a fixed term contract and you are liable for the full term of that agreement.
Any student can make a cancellation request to dwell in writing if they are no longer wanting to live with us, however you will be tied in to your contract for the full term and therefore be responsible for all rent due for the room.

Students are only released from their contract if a suitable replacement tenant is found and they pay all fees due at the time of booking for the room.

There are at times exceptional circumstances in which we would release a student from their contract due medical or extreme personal circumstances. If you believe your cancellation request may fall under the condition of an exceptional circumstance please speak to your site team who will be happy to discuss this further with you.

If you’re not happy with our services and wish to complain, our complaints policy has information on what you should do and details of how we’ll respond to you.

Ask for a copy of the complaints policy from the site management team.

All complainants have the right to external review by the Independent Housing Ombudsman after going through our internal complaints procedure.


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