It’s one of the most iconic sports events to happen every year. There is no gig in music like the Super bowl half time performance and with Super bowl LII set for this Sunday, what better time to show our favourite top ten performances throughout the years. 

The Rolling Stones 

The stage was shaped like the band’s lip and tongue logo. The shortest of the halftime shows the stones only performed 3 songs.

Diana Ross 

We kid you not the queen of Motown came out swinging in 1996. Descending from the sky singing along to ‘Baby Love’ and surrounded by dancers upon the stage. Making the most costume changes in Superbowl history, she had a helicopter land in the centre of the stadium which she used to make her exit at the end of her performance.

Katy Perry & Missy Elliott 

From giant lion puppets to dancing sharks?  Always the one for random characters in her shows, Katy wowed the Superbowl back in 2015. She entered singing ‘Roar’ and even had a surprise appearance from Missy Elliott.

Janet Jackson 

Running around stage whilst P Diddy floated around and Nelly drove a giant red car. It was a bit of a mad one. And become iconic for the ‘costume malfunction’.


Set in Miami, blasting ‘Purple Rain’.. whilst it rained. A lot!

Prince set out one of the all time greatest half time show perfomances ever seen.


Reuniting with Destiny’s Child this was is a definite contender for the top spot. Queen Bey performed ‘Crazy in love’, ‘Single Ladies’ and finished it all off with ‘Halo’. An all women performance sent out a powerful message.


 Lady Gaga 

She dove off the roof of the stadium, dancers thrashed around with glowing spears whilst she performed on a keytar. Singing her well known tunes ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Born This Way’ she gave a half time performance that is yet to be topped. Let’s see what Justin Timberlake brings this year…