Written by MSV resident and Press Pack member, Joey Crutchley.
Joey’s Instagram: ohhsnapitsjoey

So whether you’re in one of dwell’s Bristol, LiverpoolManchester, or Newcastle properties, and you want a different place to go out explore for a festive break or just to try somewhere new, check out the below blog for inspiration!

London is a city that’s renowned for its culture, diversity and a (very) expensive lifestyle. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something in the big city. I booked my train ticket down to London a few months prior to travelling. I definitely recommend this as I managed to get a single for £6! Booking in advance is extremely beneficial and will save you a couple of quid.

Upon arriving into the main train station, London Euston, my boyfriend and I knew exactly what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. I strongly advise anyone who is considering going to London to do this. It allows you to plan your day, work out the location and how long / how you’d get there exactly.

Instagram is an amazing way to find restaurants, bars, shops etc – so we found an authentic Indian restaurant which was on the way to our hotel. “Desi Grill” is a small yet comfortable restaurant offering a variety of Indian food. Posters of Bollywood movies and actors are plastered on the walls, complimented by a simple yet effective dining set up. The food was relatively cheap and it was really good!

After eating there, we made our way to our hotel. Our hotel was basically student accommodation that was rented out over summer. Two nights came to £75 which for London is an amazing price! We stopped in Shoreditch which although isn’t the centre of London, it’s a fantastic spot for people that love coffee shops, independent stores and a diverse mix of culture.

After checking in, we made our way to Trafalgar Square as we wanted to go to the Fiorucci store, then we made our way to China Town to get some dinner.

The following day, we went to get breakfast / brunch. Shoreditch grind is located just off old street underground station and is a fantastic brunch spot offering dishes such as poached eggs and smoothie bowls.

After filling up on coffee we visited Goodform which is a lifestyle store offering items ranging from clothes to ornaments to even lighters! The wide range of style and the stripped back aesthetic is a reason why this store is so popular amongst tourists and locals of Shoreditch.

Following a spot of shopping, we made our way to BoxPark. BoxPark is a food and retail park made out of refitted shipping containers. It houses a variety of different stores, from lifestyle to clothing to stationery – each shop is in its own shipping container with its own individual aesthetic. The top floor is for food only in which there are so many cuisines to choose from. Ranging from Greek to Jamaican to Chinese, whatever you’re feeling you’re bound to get it at BoxPark! We decided to get Greek food and had a gyros from The Athenian.

Following the gyros and (more) shopping, we went back to the hotel for a quick power nap before going to the cinema in the evening. Getting back from the cinema, we had a cheeky kebab from the bottom of the road and fell straight to sleep.

The following morning consisted of rushing around trying to pack everything with 5 minutes to spare before the Uber came to pick us up and take us to the train station.

As we jumped into the Uber, I watched London start to fade away in the window. My bank account was pretty much empty, I had a dozen shopping bags and a variety of “instagramable” pics on my phone. So pretty much a successful trip!