Stuck in the same routine of chocolates, cards and dinner every Valentine’s Day? Want 2018 to be the year where you really surprise your Valentine but stuck for ideas? Fear not, cause here’s 15 ideas to impress anyone instantly.

Freeze Flowers In Ice Cubes








That’s right! A simple idea, but one sure to impress as you sit down for drinks. The added colour, smell and flavour of the flowers will make drinks that much more special.

Breakfast In Bed










An underrated classic! Surprise them in bed with their favourite breakfast foods and get the day started right.

Valentine’s Coupons 







Don’t be afraid to personalise them specifically for your SO. Give them specific coupons for things you know they’ll love.

DIY Bath Bombs










Another one to cover multiple bases at once with colour and smell, and that’s even before being dunked in the bath. You can make specific flavours your Valentine will like at many beauty stores.

International Quirky Alone Day









Feeling like spending Valentine’s Day for some well deserved ‘Me’ time? No problem, many single people have started celebrating Feb 14th each year to take some time for themselves and finally get round to reading that book or trek you’ve been putting off.

Spread The Love









Got more than enough Love to share? Volunteer! Initiatives like ‘Free Hugs’ would love to have you for the day spreading the joy.

Celebrate On A Different Day








Now this one might be quite practical but worth considering. A lot of restaurants bump up their prices to catch out the Valentine’s crowd. You could skip this a couple of days and save yourself some money to do more together. You might even find a more peaceful table at the restaurant.

Cook Together








Any celebration on Valentine’s Day feels incomplete without some delicious food in between the chats, so why not cook together? Have fun trying to cook an adventurous recipe!

Learn Something New










There’s never a bad day to learn and if you and your SO are wanting to start something new why not on Valentine’s Day? Start a new language, dance class or even a new book together.

Get Moving









For those couples who are not much for staying in get yourself to the nearest Salsa Class or National Park and get active!

Build A Cosy Fort









Surprise them by building a cosy fort right in your living room. This tiny location change will make the night that much more special. Don’t forget little touches such as fairy lights, more pillows than you know what to do with and the perfect cosy film.

Couples Trivia Night









Valentine’s double date too awkward? Well it doesn’t have to be! A trivia night is sure to keep the chat and fun flowing.

A Night Of Jazz










Nothing quite sets the mood like some smooth Jazz. So find the nearest Jazz Bar and head down for the perfect start to the evening.

Couples Yoga









This one’s self-explanatory. There’s nothing better than relaxing together, so if you’re both up for having fun, there’ll definitely be some laughs trying to hold the poses.

Heat Up Your Valentine’s Day








One sure way to make your Valentine’s Day hotter – Literally! Studies have shown that Chilly is a natural aphrodisiac and the right quirky recipe this Valentine’s Day could be just the thing to get that heart rate up. Chilly Chocolate anyone?